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Aemar is a city in Gruunush. It is the Administrative Capital of the Caropsyne Administrative Division of Gruunush. The city's population is approximately 135,500. Aemar was founded by the Phetts and established under an Imperial Charter of Commerce in CY 2393. The city was a key resistance point in the fight against Garel the Gorkhan. The city is famous for its clocks and mulled wine. The city regards itself as 85% Caropsyne, with few citizens describing themselves as belonging to a specific Caropsyne ethnic group.

Aemar is a "Spa City," a place popular with holidaymakers with renowned freshwater springs in the nearby hills. Many of the city's public baths are considered to be among the best in the world. Local mud is also regarded as having healing properties.

[edit] Famous Buildings


Above: The Grand Theatre in Aemar

[edit] Famous People from Aemar

Dr. Formir Carmas, Chemist Dr. Alza Permentanna, Health Minister Miria Carma, Singer

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